Friday, 22 June 2012

June Glossy Box Contents

The caudalie perfume sample smells beautiful, it is a rather big sample too! i might have to purchase the full size soon as the smell is lovely.

This Glossy Box brush was originally £15, and is made of goat's hair. It doesn't feel very soft though, but i will still get my use out of it mind!

I havn't tried this bare mineral's bronzer yet, it'll probably just get shoved to the back of my makeup draw though. I wasn't impressed with this sample what so ever.

I thought it would have been better if the concealer samples were suited to your skin shade, after all, when subscribing you do fill out a form of your skin type. As i am the palest of all people, what is dark brown concealer going to do for me!

This me me me nail varnish is a pale shade, peachy kind of. I love the shade, as i don't like bright shades on my nails, due to the length! So i will be getting my use out of this product also

Okay so first impressions? not so good. I was pretty dissapointed this month with my glossy box, i was so excited to recieve it in the post aswell. When my sister text me when i was at college saying our glossy box had arrived, i couldn't wait to get home. I received a sample of caudale perfume, a sample of bare minerals bronzer, concealer samples, me me me nailvarnish and a glossy box brush. However, this brush was £15 originally, so at least i got my money's worth on one product!
What did you get in this months glossybox?

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My MAC Collection

It was only recently that i started to get interested in MAC products, my favourites being their blushes. I used to sit watching MAC hauls and reviews on products, when i decided to buy my first ever MAC product, the mineralize skin finish natural, i've only just hit pan, so kudos to me! I love MAC products, regardless of their prices. However, i do not understand the rant and raves over their makeup brushes! In my opinion, real techniques are the best, so so soft! So any of you readers out there who want to buy their very first brush, i wouldn't recommend them, £27 for a brush, no chance! Stick to real techniques. But i decided to show you my collection so far...

What are your favourite MAC products?...

Dame: Powder Blush

Brit Wit: CremeBlend Blush

Gingerly: Sheertone Blush

Peaches: Sheertone Blush

Studio moisture tint: SPF 15 in light

mineralize skin finish natural in light

Face Highlighter

Fix+ fixing spray

Friday, 1 June 2012


Okay so It's my Birthday tomorrow, but i always open my presents a day early, whether it being Christmas or birthday's, it's bad, i know! My family must be sooooo impatient. U opened my presents from my parents and sister today and this is what i got...

This is my favourite body spray/ mist, it's from Hollister, it's quite expensive to buy, it's about £12 per bottle, i got the scents crescent bay, crystal cove and solana beach. I've only ever bought solana beach and laguna beach, so i'm glad i could smell crystal cover and crescent bay. I'm not sure which is my favourite, i love them all!
I didn't know what this was when it was wrapped up, it was a hassle to get into the packaging mind! Aren't the colours beautiful! I love them, i don't know which colour to try first, i'm spoilt for choice!

God know's why this photo won't rotate the proper way round! I spotted these at work, when i should have been tidying haha, but next time my mam was in, i showed her them and little to my surprise she bought them for me! I have the little cross ones in atm, how cute. I'm going to get my second hole pierced on my right ear tomorrow so one of these shall be making appearance in my ear sometime soon!

I manage to absorb this perfume, i don't know how many bottles i go through! But this is my most favourite perfume! It's so strong and lingers for ages, plus the smell is to die for!

These are my black vans yeye! I have burgundy but wanted black as it is a more easier colour to mix and match clothes with, i'm so happy i got these!

They got me my favourite jar of sweets, i absolutely love them! and a jar of spread. Now i had this spread in France and i couldn't find it anywhere in England, i love it! i sat and ate practically the whole jar in france! Do you know those biscuits you get in cafes? the caramel ones, well this is a spread version, it's so sickly and sweet, mmmm! Great on pancakes or even to eat via spoon!