Sunday, 18 November 2012

The holidays are coming

001: I hope you's are all excited for christmas, as I certainly am. I absolutely cannot wait! Not many sleeps now till Santa Claus arrives.

002: I'm that excited I have nearly finished my Christmas shopping. My friends and I decided not to do Christmas presents this year, leaving me to buy my mam, dad and sister. I would tell you what I have bought them but unfortunately they read my blog!

003: This year, being the second year I have my job, I decided to go all out on the wrapping paper, to make them look cute and thoughtful! I went online on Paper-chase and searched for something cute to put the presents in and found the boxes and bag below, cute or what?! I hope they love them as much as I do!

Annabel x

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Happy Halloween!

001: I hope you's have all had a good Halloween! I dressed as a dead bride, let me know below what you's dressed up as! I went to my friends party then went to town afterwards.

002: I bought a cream lace dress from Primark for £18.00 and fake blood to create the effect of a 'dead' bride. In all fairness I didn't look like a bride, never mind a dead bride! I also bought a big diamond ring from Primark for £2.00 go wear on my wedding finger!

003: On my face I wore ruby woo by MACF and black eye-shadowed eyes. With me having really pale skin anyway, I didn't need to wear white paint, money saver!

Annabel x