Thursday, 27 December 2012

Perfume Haul

001:I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas and have been spoilt! i love Christmas, purely for the food, presents and films! Every girl loves Christmas due to the fact they get an updated perfume collection.

002: I asked for five different perfumes this year as I use them up as if there's no tomorrow! I asked for Lady Gaga's Fame, Lolita Lempicka, Alien, Stella Mcartney and Lady Million. In addition my mam and dad bought me next's gold, as I usually buy that when all my perfume has ran out as it is only £7.50 from Next- I highly recommend it!

003: My ultimate favourite perfume is Alien as it's so strong and everyone knows you have it on! My mam decided to get me a refillable Alien bottle last year, so that for my birthday and Christmas, she could take it to the perfume shop to refill it- cheaper and practical! Let me know below what perfume's you got this year...

Annabel x

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Christmas Clothes Wishlist

001:Happy 2nd of December everyone! I hope you're all writing your Christmas lists for Santa Claus! Christmas is my favourite time of year, the lights, the films,the cosyness and buying presents. As much as I love buying presents and wrapping them up for others, I also love giving my mam and dad my Christmas list so I can stock up on my perfume and makeup!

002:Below are a few items I want to purchase with my Christmas money. Topshop have a lovely selection of formal tops in at the moment that I have my beady eye on, as well as a good range of heels! I am desperate for a new pair of heels, But I'd like a pair that go with everything.

003:Jewelery is on my wishlist this month as I've been wearing quite a lot lately, from chunky necklaces to rings. I'm the type of person that will have mood swings of wearing jewelery, I usually wear more in the winter time, hence my liking towards these items! I really love these Pandora rings, my Grandma and Granda are purchasing the plain silver one for my Christmas present this year, which I am very greatful for! I wear the same earrings over and over again, But lately I've caught my eye upon these silver/crystal Vivianne Westwood earrings, and I'm came to the conclusion that I need them in my life!

Annabel x