Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Cara Delevingne

001: Why aren't I Cara Delevingne please? She has the perfect figure and the perfect face to accompany it.

002: I have recently been searching for Fashion SS13 campaigns to include in my visual CV for my Northumbria University interview, and I came across Jason Wu's campaign. Cara was included as one of the models for this catwalk he produced, where she looked as stunning as ever. I'm definitely including Jason Wu's SS13 campaign within my visual CV, primarily so i can include Cara within it.

003: I hope tomorrow morning i wake up as pretty and as skinny as her.

Annabel x

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Perfume Haul

001:I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas and have been spoilt! i love Christmas, purely for the food, presents and films! Every girl loves Christmas due to the fact they get an updated perfume collection.

002: I asked for five different perfumes this year as I use them up as if there's no tomorrow! I asked for Lady Gaga's Fame, Lolita Lempicka, Alien, Stella Mcartney and Lady Million. In addition my mam and dad bought me next's gold, as I usually buy that when all my perfume has ran out as it is only £7.50 from Next- I highly recommend it!

003: My ultimate favourite perfume is Alien as it's so strong and everyone knows you have it on! My mam decided to get me a refillable Alien bottle last year, so that for my birthday and Christmas, she could take it to the perfume shop to refill it- cheaper and practical! Let me know below what perfume's you got this year...

Annabel x

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Christmas Clothes Wishlist

001:Happy 2nd of December everyone! I hope you're all writing your Christmas lists for Santa Claus! Christmas is my favourite time of year, the lights, the films,the cosyness and buying presents. As much as I love buying presents and wrapping them up for others, I also love giving my mam and dad my Christmas list so I can stock up on my perfume and makeup!

002:Below are a few items I want to purchase with my Christmas money. Topshop have a lovely selection of formal tops in at the moment that I have my beady eye on, as well as a good range of heels! I am desperate for a new pair of heels, But I'd like a pair that go with everything.

003:Jewelery is on my wishlist this month as I've been wearing quite a lot lately, from chunky necklaces to rings. I'm the type of person that will have mood swings of wearing jewelery, I usually wear more in the winter time, hence my liking towards these items! I really love these Pandora rings, my Grandma and Granda are purchasing the plain silver one for my Christmas present this year, which I am very greatful for! I wear the same earrings over and over again, But lately I've caught my eye upon these silver/crystal Vivianne Westwood earrings, and I'm came to the conclusion that I need them in my life!

Annabel x

Sunday, 18 November 2012

The holidays are coming

001: I hope you's are all excited for christmas, as I certainly am. I absolutely cannot wait! Not many sleeps now till Santa Claus arrives.

002: I'm that excited I have nearly finished my Christmas shopping. My friends and I decided not to do Christmas presents this year, leaving me to buy my mam, dad and sister. I would tell you what I have bought them but unfortunately they read my blog!

003: This year, being the second year I have my job, I decided to go all out on the wrapping paper, to make them look cute and thoughtful! I went online on Paper-chase and searched for something cute to put the presents in and found the boxes and bag below, cute or what?! I hope they love them as much as I do!

Annabel x

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Happy Halloween!

001: I hope you's have all had a good Halloween! I dressed as a dead bride, let me know below what you's dressed up as! I went to my friends party then went to town afterwards.

002: I bought a cream lace dress from Primark for £18.00 and fake blood to create the effect of a 'dead' bride. In all fairness I didn't look like a bride, never mind a dead bride! I also bought a big diamond ring from Primark for £2.00 go wear on my wedding finger!

003: On my face I wore ruby woo by MACF and black eye-shadowed eyes. With me having really pale skin anyway, I didn't need to wear white paint, money saver!

Annabel x

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Ruby Woo by MAC

001: I've wanted this MAC lipstick for a while now, and more and more people I knew started to purchase it so i thought 'thats it, I need it in my life' I decided to buy it on pay day online to treat myself! But it didn't arrive till last friday, it was a nice surprise from when I came in from college though, and got me through my shift at work!

002: I'm going to use this lipstick for weekends or when I go out as it is such a bright daring colour, and I don't intend on wearing it for college! This lipstick is matte therefore has no shine or creamy effect like the creme-sheen's do. It is pretty tricky to apply neatly so have a cotton bud at hand whilst applying. The colour is very pigmented therefore I do recommend it to anyone as it is the perfect red!

Annabel x

Thursday, 18 October 2012


001:I absolutely love seeing a Topshop Parcel laying by my door when I arrive home from college. You can spot the packaging from a mile off with those polka dots!

002: So I ordered two tops the other week but haven't managed to do a blog post on it yet. I ordered the lace collared grey vest style top and the floral peplum in black. I didn't know whether to go for black or white but black seemed more practical for me as i'm not the tidiest of eaters... always manage to spill my food.

003:Someone needs to restrain me from buying when I've been payed as I just spend all my money the second that money enters my bank account God knows how I'm going to save for this holiday with my girls next Summer, Kavos here we come!