Thursday, 24 May 2012

My May Glossy Box

Noble Isle bath and shower gel
Lolita Lempicka Perfume Samples
Weleda Face cream/body milk
Collection's Lasting colour gel eyeliner
HD Brows brow beater

This is my First ever GlossyBox, and what a good first box this is! It beat my expectations, i love it! More so, due to the 1st anniversary of glossy box, they included a cute black compacted mirror and a pink balloon, happy birthday glossy box! I had been checking my twitter non stop waiting for a sign to show that it's been dispatched and when i saw it had been yesterday, i was thinking it would get delivered to my house around Saturday-ish, but when i realised i had missed the post man this morning, i hurried next door to obtain my box!

Lolita Lempicka Perfume Samples
These two packages are samples of perfumes, Lolita Lempicka eau de parfum and l'eau en blanc. these smell lush! i'm definitely going to purchase the bigger size in the bottle. It reminds of a holiday scent, definitely a summer perfume. It smells very sweet, it kind of smells like men's aftershave aswell!

Collection's Lasting colour gel eyeliner
I was a bit wary last night looking at other girls' glossy box, when i saw blue and yellow gel liners, but when my black one caught my eye, i was so chuffed! The cute thing about this is the mini brush, the only thing is i have fat hands, so it may be a struggle, but i reckon i'll manage! Plus i wear black liquid eyeliner everyday without fail, so i'm excited to try out the gel liner!

Weleda Face cream/body milk
This is Weleda facecream/body milk. It contains natural ingredients to help restore health, so i'm quite excited to try that! It's a very small sample though, i would have preferred it to be a bit bigger!

Noble Isle bath and shower gel
This product is by noble isle. It's a summer rising bath and shower gel. 'An immaculate fragrance evoking the beginnings of summer/ Noble isle is a new British bath and body brand inspired by the natural and cultural riches of the British Isles.' This is quite an average size sample, so it could have a couple of uses, i'm excited to try this out when i have my shower or bath!

HD Brows brow beater
I am so happy i received this! i have had my eye on it for a while, and since my eyebrow shape doesn't seem to stay in tact, i'm so i will get full use out of this. Now this is a full size brow setter by HD Brows, so that's very kind of them! Soon my eyebrows will be tidy and set in place!

Monday, 21 May 2012

Hamsa Hand

Hamsa Necklace- Matalan £5.00
Charm Friendship Bracelet- Matalan £3.00

I work at Matalan and we have a collection of jewlery called 'destiny', i found out recently that it's the same stuff as Topshop's, but cheaper- so get yourselves there! So before I started work today, i had a look round, and had a mooch in the jewelry section. I came across these Hamsa Hand pieces of jewelry and had to get them! I've been looking online at some, but i couldn't find any i particularly liked, but these are perfect and affordable!

I've wanted something for a while to wear with my knitted jumpers etc, because i don't have any cute little necklaces, and when i came across this one, i lashed my money out and gave it a purchase. Then this charmed bracelet caught my eye and felt it would be rude not to buy that aswell, bye bye money! Annabel x

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Take me back to Paris s'il vous plait!

In March I visited France for a french exchange, as i study french at A level. One of the main reasons for this exchange was to improve my french, the other to visit my favourite place PARIS, i mean come on, who doesn't love Paris? You've got to have a bit of Paris in your life to make it complete.

So whilst i was there I visited The Eiffel Tower, The Arc de Triumph, the usual... We did drive past Les Champs-Elysées, but didn't have time to go in the shops! To be quite honest i would feel out of place in Chanel, Cartier and Sephora! But a shop in which was quite reasonable for me to have a gander in was Galeries Lafayette, this shop is amazing! The ceiling is beautiful, as seen in the images above. Even the view looking down leaves you startled, seeing all of the beauty brands! PS: You've got to try the macaroons in Ladurée, they are the nicest things ever, although they are pretty price, but foods food, and a girls gotta eat! This is a huge department store, but i didn't purchace any new MAC lipsticks etc, as i could have bought the same products for a much cheaper price back in sunny on England (sarcasm intended)

We visited a bridge which was covered in padlocks. These padlocks were written with love messages or messages for families. There are men on these bridges whom you can buy padlocks and key's from, you write your message and lock the padlock onto the bridge and throw the key into the river sienne. I personally thought this was a cute idea! So i placed for my family the key and placed it 2 along from the right and 6 places down on the bridge, as my birthday is 02/06/95, this made it more memorable for me as i won't forget where it is! I kept a spare key so i can visit it in the future and show my kids haha, cheesy i know!

For my 18th next year, my mam told me to chose somewhere to go, but me being me, because J'adore Paris, i chose Paris, oh la la. We will spend a few days there, and visit The Eiffel Tower, go shopping, perhaps see the Arc de Triumph and also re-visit the lock and key bridge in order to find my lock!

Merci et Au revoir mes petits pois!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

My BarryM Collection

top left to bottom right: colbalt blue, berry ice-cream, grey, indigo, limited edition sparkle, shocking pink, instant effects- crackle in black, peach melba, silver foil, matte white, pink flamingo, croc nail effects, turquoise

This is my BarryM collection, it was bigger but they've either ran out or I've broken them (they aren't as sturdy as they look) yellow nail varnish all over your bed covers is not a good luck. Each nailvarnish costs about £2.95 i think, but when i use the same colours over and over again, i've came to the conclusion to stop buying them! i really like my pastel colours though, which are suitable for spring! I've came to the realisation that blue's and silvers just make my nails look tacky, more tackier than they already are! i really do need to stop biting them soon. I think that sticking to softer tones, lays the attention of my stubby nails, making it more acceptable for me to wear rings, as it draws less attention to my nails.

Whereas, these shades... not my cup of tea. Grey makes my hands look dirty, the silver and sparkly shades look like i'm a 2 year old going to a disco and white makes me look like I've gone wild in my maths exam and tip ex'd my nails in! However, they do look lovely on long nails in my opinion!

Friday, 18 May 2012

Beauty Wishlist

Mac High-light Powder (hey sailor collection- £21.50
Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit- £23.50
Jemma Kidd Light As Air Liquid Foundation SPF 18- £25.00
Models Own Lilac Dream- £5.00
Models Own Slate Green- £5.00
Orange Blossom Lush Solid Perfume Stick- £5.00

Theres so many things i want at the moment, i couldn't possibly fit them in one image, so heres a selection! Since it's my birthday on the 2nd of June, (2 weeks yeye)i have asked for the box set of models own pastel colours called 'ice-cream sundae', which is £20! save £10, which is a bargain. In the set contains Pastel Pink, Jade Stone, Lilac Dream, Fuzzy Peach, Lemon Meringue, Beth's Blue. I realised bright and dark colours don't look nice on my nails, so i usually stick to lilac and peachy tones, but when i saw this, it was a definitive want! Plus pastels are in this season, mint green being my favourite. Since my nails are short and scratty i'm not 100% sure mint green will make my nails look more tacky than they already are, but i guess i'll have to wait and see!

Iv'e heard Vivianna from talk about Jemma Kidd's light as air liquid foundation 24/7 so i think it's about time i get my hands on some, although £25.00 is pretty pricey from my ordinary Rimmel's lasting finish! I've also heard about Vivianna talk about Bobbi Brown's Creamy Concealer, so it's about time i give that a purchase, £23.50 is pretty pricey too, but if it gives me a flawless under my eyes then i guess that's okay with me! I'm sick of having dark circles around my eyes, it makes me look like i've been beaten up, bad times.

When i get my birthday money and get paid on the 27th, i'm going to have a gander into LUSH for some products because i love watching hauls about them, i can almost smell them through my screen! I used to think LUSH products were a waste of money and time, as the bath bombs would get dropped in the bath, melt and be gone, but now i've got a better outlook on the LUSH way of life and think they would come in handy, as i didn't realise they did hair products too now! I was intrigued by the Perfume Solid Sticks, how on earth do these work!? The orange Blossom one appealed to me most so i will have to give that go!

Annabel x

Thursday, 17 May 2012

My Vanity

Hello Readers! As my dressing table is my favourite possession, i just decided to do a little tour of it to start my blog posts rolling! I recieved it last year for christmas from Santa Claus (ikea) thanks mam and dad. At this rate i won't have any room left on it due to overload of ornaments and bottles. Due to my love for MACCOSMETICS at the moment, i'm sure my makeup collection will increase and i will be in need of a spare dressing table. Anyway, catch you's later!

My very first post

Oh my very first blog post, don't mind if i do! I'm mean't to be revising for my AS English Language exam tomorrow, but i decided to create a blog instead, oh well, bye bye A*, (not that i was going to get one anyway) I've watched makeup and fashion videos on youtube for about three year's now, and followed blog's such as, and and i came to the conclusion that i wanted to create one and share with you all my new beauty and fashion purchases etc... so here it is!