Monday, 21 May 2012

Hamsa Hand

Hamsa Necklace- Matalan £5.00
Charm Friendship Bracelet- Matalan £3.00

I work at Matalan and we have a collection of jewlery called 'destiny', i found out recently that it's the same stuff as Topshop's, but cheaper- so get yourselves there! So before I started work today, i had a look round, and had a mooch in the jewelry section. I came across these Hamsa Hand pieces of jewelry and had to get them! I've been looking online at some, but i couldn't find any i particularly liked, but these are perfect and affordable!

I've wanted something for a while to wear with my knitted jumpers etc, because i don't have any cute little necklaces, and when i came across this one, i lashed my money out and gave it a purchase. Then this charmed bracelet caught my eye and felt it would be rude not to buy that aswell, bye bye money! Annabel x


  1. I love these hands,cute blog! :) x

  2. love the braclets and a bargin price to i assume!
    really nice quick post like your blog x
    check out mine in your spare time maybe even a follow back =)

  3. ooo never knew Matalan stocked similar stuff to Topshop, will definitely have to check it out!

    Tanesha x

    1. you will do! i know, it was a shock to me too!