Saturday, 19 May 2012

My BarryM Collection

top left to bottom right: colbalt blue, berry ice-cream, grey, indigo, limited edition sparkle, shocking pink, instant effects- crackle in black, peach melba, silver foil, matte white, pink flamingo, croc nail effects, turquoise

This is my BarryM collection, it was bigger but they've either ran out or I've broken them (they aren't as sturdy as they look) yellow nail varnish all over your bed covers is not a good luck. Each nailvarnish costs about £2.95 i think, but when i use the same colours over and over again, i've came to the conclusion to stop buying them! i really like my pastel colours though, which are suitable for spring! I've came to the realisation that blue's and silvers just make my nails look tacky, more tackier than they already are! i really do need to stop biting them soon. I think that sticking to softer tones, lays the attention of my stubby nails, making it more acceptable for me to wear rings, as it draws less attention to my nails.

Whereas, these shades... not my cup of tea. Grey makes my hands look dirty, the silver and sparkly shades look like i'm a 2 year old going to a disco and white makes me look like I've gone wild in my maths exam and tip ex'd my nails in! However, they do look lovely on long nails in my opinion!


  1. Love your nail polish collection. Got a few with me too. Love them :) xo

    1. stay on forever don't they! good price too xx

  2. I love me a bit of Barry M, you can't go wrong can you?!
    Cute blog hun.
    BTW I'm hosting a £500 competition for Next on my blog
    It would be great if you could enter as it's such a massive prize.

    Sheree xx

  3. sure cant!! aw thankyou, oh i'm sure i'll give it an enter, worth a try!

    Annabel x

  4. Your collection looks so pretty all stacked up :) The pastel shades are lovely :)

  5. ooh why thankyou! i need something to store them in :(

  6. great collection, i only have two, but love them.x

  7. i'm hoping to get more pastels! and aw you can have some of mine x

  8. My obsession with nail polishes all started withe Barry M! They have wonderful shades