Sunday, 20 May 2012

Take me back to Paris s'il vous plait!

In March I visited France for a french exchange, as i study french at A level. One of the main reasons for this exchange was to improve my french, the other to visit my favourite place PARIS, i mean come on, who doesn't love Paris? You've got to have a bit of Paris in your life to make it complete.

So whilst i was there I visited The Eiffel Tower, The Arc de Triumph, the usual... We did drive past Les Champs-Elysées, but didn't have time to go in the shops! To be quite honest i would feel out of place in Chanel, Cartier and Sephora! But a shop in which was quite reasonable for me to have a gander in was Galeries Lafayette, this shop is amazing! The ceiling is beautiful, as seen in the images above. Even the view looking down leaves you startled, seeing all of the beauty brands! PS: You've got to try the macaroons in Ladurée, they are the nicest things ever, although they are pretty price, but foods food, and a girls gotta eat! This is a huge department store, but i didn't purchace any new MAC lipsticks etc, as i could have bought the same products for a much cheaper price back in sunny on England (sarcasm intended)

We visited a bridge which was covered in padlocks. These padlocks were written with love messages or messages for families. There are men on these bridges whom you can buy padlocks and key's from, you write your message and lock the padlock onto the bridge and throw the key into the river sienne. I personally thought this was a cute idea! So i placed for my family the key and placed it 2 along from the right and 6 places down on the bridge, as my birthday is 02/06/95, this made it more memorable for me as i won't forget where it is! I kept a spare key so i can visit it in the future and show my kids haha, cheesy i know!

For my 18th next year, my mam told me to chose somewhere to go, but me being me, because J'adore Paris, i chose Paris, oh la la. We will spend a few days there, and visit The Eiffel Tower, go shopping, perhaps see the Arc de Triumph and also re-visit the lock and key bridge in order to find my lock!

Merci et Au revoir mes petits pois!


  1. Sounds like you had an amazing time - exchange programs always sound so exciting! I can't believe I've never been to Paris :( Hope you have an amazing trip next time as well :)

    1. it was scary not knowing who you were going to get tho! and whaaaaaaaaaaat get yourself there man! thankyou i'm sure i will x

  2. the bridge with the padlocks sounds uber cute! soooo wanna visit there! :)

    looks like u had a fab time!!


  3. you should, it's so pretty! can't believe theres that many padlocks!