Wednesday, 19 September 2012

September Glossy Box

001: Hello huns, okay so today is a very special day, my Glossy box arrived. It sure has brightened up my week, as on monday i failed my driving test. I have only just stopped crying, i know it's not the end of the world and i can rebook it, but it was honestly the worst experience of of life. I failed due to putting in 4th gear instead of 2nd on a slip road/give way, causing the car to stall on a dual carriage way, stupid me! I have rebooked it anyway, for in a months time, phew!

002: Back onto the Glossybox! it arrived at 9:00 this morning and i heard rumours that it was going to be patterned! I was so amazed when i opened it, my favourite colour, green! I am definitely putting this box on show in my bedroom, it is cute as!

003: In this September box i received 5 products, all which i am generally happy with. However, i must admit, there has been better boxes!

Product 1: Sample of Lady Gaga's Fame Fragrance. "An opulent, crushed floral fragrance that's black like the soul of fame but transparent once aireborne". This scent is really quite nice, really strong, how i like my perfumes. I think i may have to purchase this in full size in the future!

Product 2: Rodial Glanoxy Snake Serum and 5 minute Facial. This product is to help recuse the appearances of frown lines and wrinkles. In my box, I received 4 sample clay masks to try out.

Product 3: Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream. This is designed to sooth sore eyes and smooth away dark circles. Because of my tears from failing my driving test and stress from college, i will be sure to try this one out!

Product 4: Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream. This is "the bestselling daily moisturizer" it helps to hydrate skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth. I'm excited to try this product out, as it is something i would probably buy in the body shop anyway! So i sn very glad i received this product this month!

Product 5: Boisilk Silk Therapy. This helps to moisturize and restructure your hair without heaviness. I'm glad this product isn't heavy because i fear hair products will leave my hair greasy! But due to the 'unheaviness' my hair will soon be seeing the Biosilk!

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