Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Long time no blogging

Hello, i'm officially back!

Sorry it's been a while! i've been busy with work and having driving lessons. Yes i know it's been the summer holidays, but i wanted to relax for 2 months completely. Now i'm back to college and motivated to get my grades, i thought i'd start blogging again, as it get's me back into a routine.

I have a driving lesson next monday and i am so nervous, it's unreal! But on the bright side,i get paid the next day! That ought to get me through the day. Except a haul very shortly hun bun's!

I previously bought an iphone 4s, well my mam did, thanks mam! Anyways, i've been instagramming, new fave toy! feel free to follow me 'annabeltaylor1995'. I thought i'd share a few of my instagram photos with you to show you what i've been upto below, or what i've been purchasing more like...

Annabel x


  1. you look like you've been busy shopping mrs!
    you have a lovely little blog.
    i hope the driving is going well!
    anyway, i'm your newest follower.
    i hope you'll come over and say hi,it'd be lovely to chat to you.
    hope to hear from you soon,
    laura xx

    1. i'm always busy shopping! aw why thankyou, i'll head over to your blog right now!

      Annabel x