Friday, 21 September 2012

Studded Topshop Slippers

001: Hello Huns! TGIF, It was a long day at college today, it dragged so much! but getting me through my day was the fact i knew my new Topshop slippers would be waiting for me at home!

002: I've had my eyes on these for a while, and when i got payed i decided i wanted to treat myself!... so the studded Topshop slippers it is. I bought them whilst Topshop had free delivery, making them cost £32!

003: As i have very wide feet, these are very suitable as they have a lot of extra room, although on the photos they do look squished! The material is leathery, which is better than most suede versions!



  1. They are so cute premark have similar ones that come in at £10! x

  2. I need a pair of these - they are beautiful!

  3. These look gorgeous, I want some so badly! Since I'm soon to be living in a ski resort for the next 6 months I can't really justify the purchase. Doubt these shoes would be very wearable in a foot of snow. Although they would be great for when I get back... xx