Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Scrapping Wednesday

001: For years i have loved cutting up my look magazines etc, and adding them to scrap books. I did this so in the future I could look back on the fashion and think, My God, what on earth did i used to wear! Fashion is forever changing, therefore i thought making a fashion scrapbook would be a good idea to see how fashion has changed over the years.

002: Over the past year or so, I have forgotten about scrap booking completely and have spent my spare time looking at bloggers for inspiration instead of in magazines. But as I am applying for University this year, my mam and sister have been pestering me to start scrap booking again, as i want to do Fashion at Uni. The problem is, I don't have any art base AS/A2 levels, so the Universities I have my eye on have asked for a 'portfolio'. However, I did take Art at GCSE and gained a B in it, but The textiles/art aspect of fashion doesn't interest me as much as the journalism and marketing half. However, if these Universities decide that I am not allowed on the course due to my lack of creativity skills, i will study a year at a fashion college to gain experience.

003: I love Wednesday's, as i have free's at college all day meaning i don't have to show my face! After doing my English Literature and English Language essay's, i decided to do some scrap booking whilst listening to the music channel.


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